Magnolia Manor Plantation Bed and Breakfast
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Larry holds a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Industrial Management from West Virginia University where he met Sheila.  Sheila holds a BS in Home Economics with an emphasis in Family Resources.  Larry completed a long career with Nortel Networks and was the Town Administrator for the Town of Warrenton, North Carolina for four years.  He  recently completed three years as the Town Manager for Franklinton, North Carolina and is now retired but is known to help Sheila with Magnolia Manor from time to time.  Sheila provided private early childhood education in Raleigh, North Carolina for many years and now tends to the needs of Magnolia Manor full time. 
Photo by Sam Gray  
As you can see below, we have four wonderful children who were instrumental in the renovation of the house.  We worked on the house every weekend for five years before we could move in.  We could not have completed the renovation without their help and support.

The renovation of Magnolia Manor was a family project that spanned a five year period but the family involvement continues to grow as does the family commitment to Magnolia Manor. 

 We all look forward to meeting you soon.

Larry and Sheila Carver, Innkeepers


2012 Christmas at Town Square Mall
            Update November 23, 2012!

Two new grandbabies are expected any minute!  Adam and Laura are expecting Anna Wynn, their first, and Christopher and Teresa are expecting Scout Lilly, their second.  That's seven grandbabies for Larry and Sheila, one boy and six girls!

2012 Christmas photo from left to right:

Emerson Reed - Christopher and Teresa
Madeline - Amanda and Vince
Mason - Nathan and Kristin
Eliza Grace - Amanda and Vince
Sarah Morgan - Nathan and Kristin

(Santa is in there too!)


Update: December 27, 2012


Sheila, now known as "Nini"
is in grandmother heaven!

Christopher and Teresa's Scout Lilly on the left

Adam and Laura's Anna Wynn on the right.

Born November 25 and November 26, 2012

Yep - born one day apart!

Both one week old in photo

Can it get any better?

Update: May 27, 2014

Yep it can!

Christopher and Teresa did it again!

Kennedy Grace was born on May 27, 2014

Nini is besides herself!

That's three for mom and dad


eight, count 'em, eight for

Gramps and Nini!
Kennedy Grace
Maybe we can get and updated Santa photo in 2014!